Vitamin/Nutraceutical Labels

As baby boomers have aged, the growth in the vitamin and nutraceutical industry has been nothing short of explosive.

The Food and Drug Administration does not currently regulate the majority of these industries so the number of brands and competing claims of superiority are staggering.

Because of the volume of competing brands packaging has become hugely important to the industry players.

Drew & Rogers Label supplies pressure sensitive labels, shrink labels and paper labels to the vitamin and nutraceutical industry. We use printing processes like flexography, rotary letterpress or screen printing to achieve the desired look required. Our labels are uses for a multitude of applications and products. We supply labels for machine application or hand application as needed. Our labels are used for vitamins containers, as well as larger format containers like powdered protean mixes of up to 5 gallon containers.

Label design and the use of foil stamping or cold foil has become of paramount importance to grab shelf space. The process of hot stamping incorporates a “heated” die and a roll of foil. The heated die makes the foil release onto the label. The limitations are the print quality and print resolution is limited and its expensive due to the die costs and production run lengths required. Cold foil is put on utilizing a printing plate. Essentially an adhesive is “printed” onto the face stock of the label and a roll of foil is brought into contact with label material and the foil ‘sticks” to the sticky area. The advantages are price (no die) and better resolution.

However, the most recent break through seen in this industry has been the use of metalized face materials like metalized polyester or MetPet. Instead of hot stamping or cold foil printing by using translucent inks with MetPet has allowed printers to create a full spectrum of foil colors using traditional 4 color process printing. If a design area is not specified to look metallic an opaque white is laid down in this area to give the copy a more traditional or matted appearance. This can be done using traditional label printing processes like flexography, rotary letterpress or screen printing.

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