Custom Peelable Label Printing

Peelable Labels

Drew & Rogers peelable multi-layer labels can be applied to product packaging to promote product specials, sweepstakes, discounted pricing or product recipes.

Also called IRC or instant redeemable coupon label or clean-and-release labels, when the top layer is peeled away the clear adhesive layer stays on the packaging and the redeemable section is a separate unit unto itself. By using a clear layer the product packing won’t be obscured once the top layer is removed.

Peelable labels create a sense of excitement to product packaging as an interactive element that customers can get a tactile response of opening up.

Peelable on-pack labels are available both on rolls for machine application or fan-folded for hand application to the product. Drew & Rogers offers up to 8 spot colors or full color photographic process printing is available on peelable promotional labels. Sizing will be finished to the clients specifications. Please contact us for more details.


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