Manufacturing Labels

Drew & Rogers has a wide selection of manufacturing labels to choose from to meet your needs. These can include injected-molded nameplates, sub-printed polycarbonate overlays, anodized stamped aluminum, and plasticized labels. We also create durable, laminated labels for your inventory tracking needs (barcodes, asset inventory, serial numbers, etc.)

Whichever form you choose, we guarantee that your manufacturing labels will remain attached for the life of the product, and will always reflect top quality. At Drew & Rogers’s , we know that manufacturers’ environments can include exposure to harsh conditions with extreme temperatures, abrasion, pressure washing, chemicals, solvents, grease and other machine lubricants used in the manufacturing, testing and calibration processes. We understand the need for high-durability labels while providing any design, ink, and feedstock that meets your specifications.

D&R Labels has a large catalog of standard dies in all shapes and sizes available for immediate production. In the event we do not have the exact format you require, a custom die will be produced to meet your specifications. Please contact us for more details.


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