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Printing GHS Labels In-House

The variety of GHS label formats and size configurations has made the prospect of printing labels in-house attractive to many chemical manufacturers. There are typically three options for printing GHS labels as part of an in-house packaging process. Call us today to discuss your GHS requirements and we will develop the best solution to fit your needs and budget!

  • Option One: Barcode Printer with Pre-Printed Stock

In this scenario, a barcode label printer is used to print pictograms, signal words, manufacturer address and other text in one color: black. Secondary and additional colors, red for the GHS pictograms and other colors for logos and branding, are pre-printed onto a roll of labels.

This solution requires a large inventory of pre-printed labels, and a separate pre-printed roll for each variation in chemical label: different countries, languages, and amount of pictograms for each SKU.

  • Option Two: Printing Labels with a 2-Color Label Printer

A digital label printer capable of printing labels in two different colors, in one printing pass, provides manufacturers with the flexibility to make durable, color fast labels with different GHS label content, in different label sizes, and in accordance with production demands.

The two-color label printer can be a cost-effective and familiar solution for companies migrating from in-house barcode label printing to in-house printing of red and black GHS labels and other dual-colored pictograms.

For companies that do private labeling, joint labeling with retailers and wholesalers, and package chemical products to be displayed on store shelves; a two-color thermal processor may not be a complete solution.

  • Option Three: Printing Labels with a Full-Color Label Printer

A full-color digital label printer gives firms the capability of printing variable GHS labels, while providing maximum flexibility to comply with GHS labeling regulations, along with customer and retailer demand. In addition, this solution offers the most flexibility for printing GHS labels for international and domestic markets, wholesales, and private label retailers.

An in-house full color digital label printer gives chemical manufacturers the capacity to print labels that integrate all GHS required elements, as well as the ability to create graphic rich primary display panels that include logos and branding – all in the same label printing process.

A full-color printer also has the capacity to directly address and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system or other company database, the manufacturer would also be able to centrally manage label production.

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