Custom Product Label Printing

Product label materials range from traditional paper/pressure sensitive, vinyl and polyester stocks to eco-friendly materials. Most non-paper materials offer moisture resistance and durability making them ideal choices for product labels subjected to more demanding environments. Material selection for product labels is often based as much on design choices as application needs.

The size and shape and design of product labels is often driven more by branding and design needs than functional requirements. That is why we offer the widest possible array of sizes, shapes and printing options for product labels. In addition to dozens of standard product label sizes, we offer fully custom cut labels at no additional charge. In addition to traditional spot color printing, we offer photo quality digital product labels.

D&R Labels has a large catalog of standard dies in all shapes and sizes available for immediate production  In the event we do not have the exact format you require, a custom die will be produced to meet your specifications. Please contact us for more details.

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