Clamshell Labels

More and more food products are being offered in reduced or disposable packaging. One of the most popular containers is the plastic clamshell with built-in protective seals. While flexible and economical, these containers can offer challenges for product labeling.

Because clamshells are used to store all matter of materials from sandwiches to chemicals to product samples in environments ranging from refrigerators to the trunks of automobiles the choice of label stock material and adhesive become important planning criteria.

Drew & Rogers Label has decades of experience working with difficult materials and adhesive combinations. We can produce the perfect label for you which will contain dazzling colors and graphics while functioning reliably with your container.

In addition to rough environments the amount of space may be limited on a clamshell so a customer may need to resort to using an extended content label (ECL) format or a hinge construction or a pouch type product to “fit” all their copy.

We offer 10-color printing, numerous special effects like foil stamping, screen printing and textured varnishes, and have the large selection of eco-friendly packaging options. Talk to D&R and let us help determine the best solution for your product or to receive samples that you can test on the actual substrate.

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