Automotive Labels

The automotive industry is a huge consumer of barcode labels, and Drew & Rogers offers the perfect combination of durability, critical numbering, and product resistance. Drew & Rogers automotive labels cross a wide spectrum to fill the needs of the automotive industry. These needs include creating custom-engineered label to withstand harsh environments, to automated label applicators that are integrated into production lines, and error-proofing systems to prevent packaging mistakes.

Automotive labels include AIAG labels, parts labels, carpet labels and tags, inventory control labeling, tire labels, return parts tags, vehicle identification labels, under hood labeling, door panel labeling, and part supplier labels. Decals and signage labels can be used extensively at the point of sale location as well.

D&R Labels has a large catalog of standard dies in all shapes and sizes available for immediate production. In the event we do not have the exact format you require, a custom die will be produced to meet your specifications. Please contact us for more details.

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