Freight PRO Labels

Freight PRO labels are sheets of rolls of numbered and bar coded labels that help truckers and other freight companies track goods. When a shipper ships an order they generate a PRO number. This number identifies a shipment and follows a shipment until its destination. When a shipment is delivered all of the paperwork includes the PRO number and any information about a shipment uses a PRO number.

Freight PRO labels are used when multiple items are shipped. For instance if a shipper has 5 pallets going to a destination or multiple destinations. They often will put PRO labels onto all of the pallets to identify them as components of a particular shipment. Often when a trucker consolidates many orders at a trucking hub, shipments are split apart. Part of a shipment may go on a truck today and part on one tomorrow. But PRO labels allow the shippers to track all of the components on the road and often in use at warehouses.

Freight PRO labels are printed on standard thermal, direct thermal or paper label stock with permanent adhesive. They can be printed on synthetic polyester if they are going to be subjected to rugged environments. Freight PRO Labels can be supplied in any size and may be die cut or square cut. They are numbered and bar-coded with any and all bar code symbologies.