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Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers are essentially labels or stickers with a message, which are intended to be placed on the bumper of a car or truck or other type of vehicle. They are meant to be read by other drivers or spectators. Typically they are made from synthetic materials, either PVC vinyl or polyester. Bumper stickers can be made from pressure sensitive paper stock using a protective over-laminate. This construction often creates cost savings.

The purpose of a bumper sticker is typically to send a message to large audiences. The messages are often humorous, commercial, religious or political. Political bumper stickers are probably the most common and popular used. Another popular international variety of bumper stickers is the country tag. Country tags are used for cars crossing international borders.

Bumper stickers commonly use latex based adhesives that will remain sticky in almost all weather conditions but the adhesive is not permanent but rather it is a removable and repositionable adhesive.

Bumper stickers were developed and used as far back as the Ford Model T. They have been used in all of the World Wars and most recently in the Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts.